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Your photos capture vivid, positive, true moments that show people, their lives and their environment in real diversity? Then Photocase is your place!
Join the gang and actively develop this very special Photocase style.


Friendly & Fair

Transparency and fairness are important Photocase values. Here you find a fair marketplace where you can put your works up for sale and get a fair share of 20-50 percent of the net sales price. This is the amount we receive after deducting discounts and taxes on image sales.

The respective participation level is calculated using a dynamic bonus point system based on the sales and the number of images accepted.

You receive two points for each sale and one point for each upload that has been published in the last 12 months. So if you consistently upload photos that are accepted and then even sell, your share will increase according to the ranking table. In this way, photographic skills and activity are rewarded and have a direct impact on your share.

In addition to the financial side, Photocase has a strong community that interacts intensively in the forum with frequent meet-ups in the Real World. At Photocase, you can present yourself and your photographic work in a photographer's profile, and your pictures reach a wide audience via the social media channels.

What we’re looking for

We are looking for photos depicting people in all their diversity and in different life situations. Likewise, photo series, so customers enjoy the choice of a wider selection. We love images that show interaction, people shopping, cooking, eating with their friends and family. In the Editors Picks you can see which images are in demand. Let your creativity flow and create your personal photo story!

People & Lifestyle
Photos of people from different backgrounds in real-life situations.
Nature & Travel
People travelling and on vacation.
Family & Community
Photos from everyday life; families, couples and children.
Food & Health
Scenes of people eating or cooking in the kitche, sport and fitness, wellness and relaxing.
Parties & celebrations
Christmas, Easter, Birthdays, Parties, first day of school.
The Photocase take on themes and concepts. Creative, funny, crazy.
Kerstin is a Photocase photographer
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Come as you are!

Please do not change your own style for us. Show us your images, your views - we are curious!
Note, however, that the Photocase editor team is very strict in the selection of photos. Only around 10% of all submitted photos are being accepted. This hard preselection and the associated high quality of the collection is, in addition to the local and authentic imagery, the main reason why customers love Photocase. In the Editors Picks you can see what we mean. We are always on the lookout for long term cooperations with photographers who fit well with Photocase.

Things to keep in mind

Technical requirements

  • JPG or TIF format
  • minimum 2.500 pixels on the short side of the image
  • highest JPG quality (i.e. quality level 100 in Photoshop/Lightroom)
  • RGB with sRGB color profile

Legal requirements

  • Model Release
  • Property Release
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Show us beauty!

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